Terms of Use


These Terms of Use (hereinafter “Agreement”) constitute a legal agreement between Peer2Profit.io (“Peer2Profit”, “we”, “our”, “us”, “Company”, “Platform”) and the person agreeing to these terms (“User”) in accordance with the following terms and conditions of the Agreement.

The use of and access to Application Peer2Profit (hereinafter “Application”, “Product”) is governed by this Agreement. The terms of the Agreement determine the legal consequences of using the Platform no matter the type of devices or means of access. By installing the Application, the User confirms that they have read and agree with the following Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, and that they agree to be legally bound by them. The User also agrees to accept the changes and updates in the Agreement.

Before downloading and installing the Application the User should read the Agreement carefully, since it governs their legal rights and obligations. It regulates the limitations, exclusions and dispute resolution clauses, if any.

If the User does not agree to a term of the Agreement or our Privacy Policy, they should not download and use the Application. In this case, the User should not provide any personal information to the Application, dashboard, or website. If the Application has already been installed to the User’s device, it should be removed.

Please read the cases below when the User cannot use the Agreement, the Application, and the Product:

  • The User has not reached the age of majority determined by the legislation of the country of residence. In this case, the use of the Application is possible with parental or legal guardian consent. The User’s legal representatives need to confirm this fact by sending the corresponding consent to our e-mail [email protected].

  • The User is impeded by other circumstances that make it impossible to follow the Agreement between them and the Platform. The User can send us ([email protected]) an appropriate explanation, after which we provide access to the Platform.

  • The User is prohibited from using the Application under the laws of their country of residence or temporary residence.

  • The User has developed or is developing a similar software product for commercial use or to gain a competitive advantage by tracking the effectiveness of user activity and other data.

  • The User had entered into an agreement (currently in effect) with Internet service providers, mobile service providers, etc. that contains provisions prohibiting the conclusion of other agreements and governing how they can share their Internet traffic, IP, and device's resources.

Peer2Profit reserves the right to amend the Terms of Use as well as the pricing information and methods of providing services. This information is specified on our website and User's Dashboard. The amendments will take effect from the moment they are published on the site. 

If Peer2Profit makes significant amendments to the Terms of Use, we shall inform our users about these changes by e-mail, messengers or social media sites. The amendment takes effect after 7 days of such notice. If the amendments are unacceptable to the User, they may terminate the Agreement. Upon termination of the Agreement, the User should cease to use the Platform.

Peer2Profit reserves the right to change and update the Agreement at any time.


  1. Peer2Profit have developed and own an Application that allows users to share their Internet bandwidth between Peer2Profit and the users via their devices (smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC, etc.). The User enables Peer2Profit to send bandwidth using the device and its Internet bandwidth. 

  2. The User provides access to the device to Peer2Profit's Clients who use it as a router or server. The list of Clients of the Platform includes organizations that specialize in web and market analytics, SEO monitoring, copyright and brand protection, advertising verification, cybersecurity, etc.

  3. By installing the Application to their device, the User agrees to The Terms of Use and intends to use and monetize Internet bandwidth.

Considering the above mentioned, together with all current and mutual obligations of the Agreement, the Parties have come to the following.


Application — the software designed by Peer2Profit for installing to the User’s device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC, etc.). It includes software elements, interfaces, libraries, codes, files, folders, technical documentation and parameters. It also includes add-ons, updates, new and old versions provided by the Platform.

Dashboard — the means for interaction and communication between the Platform and the User. It contains reliable information about the Application, as well as system messages, information about the available amount of money, credits, methods of making payments and transactions. You need to authorize to access dashboard.

Data Delivery (“DD”) — a function of the Platform that provides the exchange of network data through user’s devices in various ways. This function enables the exchange of a wide range of data, including graphics, video, audio, websites, IPTV, etc. The process of earning and receiving payouts is regulated by the relevant requirements and rules.

Shared bandwidth — the amount of Internet connection provided by the User to Peer2Profit and its Clients through a device owned by the user.

Income — the sum of money earned by the User during a period of time. The payment is made according to the Agreement and Peer2Profit’s Pricing Policy.

Sharing rate — the amount of funds in fiat currency for 1 GB of used data.

Client — individual or organization in partnership with Peer2Profit that uses the bandwidth shared by the Users to collect publicly available web data for their purposes (e.g. market research, advertising verification, tracking statistics of search queries, etc.).


Installing the Application implies that the User agrees to the terms of the Agreement. Upon this, the User joins Peer2Profit’s network to share the Internet bandwidth like other users. In return, the User earns money in accordance with our Pricing Policy and the terms of the Agreement.

The User does not have access to the Client’s information about their device and connection. Also, the Client does not have access to the User’s information, whose bandwidth he uses.

The Client can request Internet bandwidth from a particular country or region. Peer2Profit analyzes these requests with the amount of shared bandwidth and the available functions of the Platform.  Depending on this information, we may accept or reject the request.

Because there is different demand for Internet bandwidth, not all users will be able to share the same amount of it. Also, if there is excessive Internet bandwidth coming from a specific location, Peer2Profit may limit the amount of shared bandwidth in order to avoid the data servers overload. To ensure the high speed and quality of the connection, we limit the number of connections to the same IP address. This allows our users to have a stable connection and increase their Income. The number of connections may vary depending on network and market conditions. The information about the limitations and their possible changes can be found in our FAQ.

By joining our network, the User agrees that their shared bandwidth might be used by Clients for various purposes. Some businesses check the advertisements placed by them in order to make sure that the ads are placed correctly. These ads appear on websites while searching for information. Other Clients might use different strategies for gathering Internet data. Therefore, the User may be asked to solve captchas, enter a code word or an answer to a question when visiting a particular webpage. If the User have a streaming platform account, and our Client gets access to the same platform, it’s unlikely that the User will have a problem using this platform.

Peer2Profit strives to provide high-quality and stable access to the Internet for Users and Clients. In turn, the User is responsible for sharing bandwidth and device resources to third parties. The User is also responsible for compliance with the agreements concluded with them, as well as local laws and regulations.

We provide the Application without warranty for quality and usage suitability. The Platform gives neither direct nor indirect warranty. In addition, working with the Platform assumes the maximum use of services and products provided by the current legislation. The User accesses services and products at their own risk. Also, the User is responsible for the installation and use of the Application and the provision of resources to third parties.

Peer2Profit do not express warranties or promise particular results from the use of the Application or services. In addition, the Platform does not provide guarantees in cases that make it impossible to use the Application or services of the Company. Peer2Profit do not warrant the User a certain level of monetization, or accurate and reliable information about monetization, or absence of errors and technical malfunctions while running the Application on their phone or personal computer.

Peer2Profit takes no responsibility for the shared bandwidth costs, fees or charges the User might experience according to their Internet service provider’s agreement. Also, we take no responsibility for the Internet service provider’s costs for provision of data and resources of the device to third parties. The Platform takes no responsibility for losses incurred by the User as a result of their Internet service provider’s restrictions on the use of specific software products, or if the use of our Application contradicts the Internet service provider’s agreement.

Peer2Profit disclaims any warranties regarding the information on our website and blog. We are not responsible for the accuracy, completeness or reliability of the content within our website and blog. All content within Peer2Profit’s blog serves for informational purposes only. The Platform takes no responsibility for any consequences (material or physical damage, injury, etc.) of publishing or using the content within the website or blog.

Peer2Profit’s website may contain links to webpages of third parties. We don’t express or imply warranties about the completeness, accuracy, reliability or availability of their content. Peer2Profit takes no responsibility for the content of third parties within our website. The User accepts all risks when following these links.

If the User have questions about Internet bandwidth monetization, taxes, technology or other service-related issues, they must contact a qualified specialist or professional consultant. References to third-party products, services or procedures by trade name, trademark, manufacturer, supplier, etc., do not imply endorsement sponsorship, recommendation or affiliation with the Platform.


  1. Upon reaching the minimum payout threshold ($7), the User may request the payout of Income in their Dashboard.

  2. To verify the User’s identity, Peer2Profit will request personal information (e.g. e-mail). Without it, the payout of Income is incomplete. The User is responsible for providing true and relevant information. The User also understands and accepts that without the current, correct and complete information the payout of Income becomes impossible. The payout may not be possible if the User’s country of residence or temporary residence does not support any of the payment methods we offer. Peer2Profit may deduct or withhold a certain amount of money in cases stipulated by this Agreement, local and tax laws or rules and regulations established by the payment systems.

  3. The User is responsible for compliance with the requirements of the tax legislation of their country or region of residence (temporary residence) and a timely payment of the respective tax deductions.

  4. If the User has questions about the amount or date of payments, they can contact us within 60 days after the first payment request

  5. Functions by default 
    The Dashboard displays the amount of accrued (accounted) bandwidth passed through the User’s devices. Next to it is Income (I). Income is calculated by multiplying the amount of bandwidth and the Conversion rate (CR). Shared bandwidth (SB) is multiplied by the applicable Sharing rate (SR). Some of Internet bandwidth is used for Peer2Profit’s internal processes. This bandwidth is not considered as shared bandwidth.

  6. Peer2Profit’s Pricing Policy can change at the discretion of the Company. The Platform reserves the right to change conversion rate and sharing rate. Peer2Profit reserves the right to set a temporary conversion rate and sharing rate for a specific period of time. All changes are displayed on the Dashboard.

  7. If the User does not use the Platform and Application for more than six months, their credits in the personal account expire, and the Income cannot be paid out. If the User does not share bandwidth (the Platform does not register any bandwidth sharing) for more than six months, the Application is considered unused.


Unless the User receives a written permission from Peer2Profit, they are not allowed to do any of the following:

  1. To provide Peer2Profit with inaccurate, incomplete or outdated information. Under this Agreement, the User undertakes to give us true, current and relevant information and update it as necessary. This is necessary for Peer2Profit to make timely payouts and keep in touch with the User. If Peer2Profit suspect that the information is inaccurate, outdated or false, we reserve the right to block the User's account and invalidate the Income.

  2. To use the Application where it is illegal or otherwise violates applicable laws, rules or regulations.

  3. To provide third parties with access to the account, as well as try to maintain more than one account. The User is responsible for the safety of their confidential data.

  4. To use the account for purposes not provided for in this Agreement or engage in illegal acts on behalf of the account. If the User notices unauthorized use of their account and a threat to data security, they should contact us immediately. Peer2Profit takes measures to eliminate the threat and prevent the consequences of data leakage. 

  5. To download and install the Application on third party’s devices. This is considered a breach of the Agreement and may lead to a violation of the owners and copyright holders’ rights.

The User is responsible for the consequences and risks associated with the use of the Platform and the Application, as well as sharing Internet bandwidth and device resources. Peer2Profit are not responsible for any consequences of using the Platform and the Application.

The User understands that the bandwidth passed through the same public IP address will be distributed among devices utilizing the same public IP address.

The User may not pass, copy, sell or use the Application or part of it for commercial purposes without our permission.

If Peer2Profit detects signs of violation of the Agreement or the legislation of the country or region of residence (temporary residence), the User will be asked to stop using the service and immediately remove the application from their devices. Also, the Platform will take measures to block the User's account in order to prevent further use of the service and the Application.


Unless the User receives a written permission from Peer2Profit, they are not allowed to do any of the following:

  1. To copy, reproduce, perform any part of the Application, as well as provide permission for these actions in relation to the service or part of it.

  2. To make attempts to obtain technology, program code of the Application or ownership rights to it. To provide or sell the Application or a part of it to third parties, or otherwise use the Application and other materials belonging to Peer2Profit for commercial purposes.

  3. To change the structure and make edits to the Application or create derived products based on it;

  4. To interfere with maintenance processes or Peer2profit Application, interfere with the operation networks and servers, or attempt to access other users' accounts

  5. To access personal accounts in ways not provided by this Agreement.

  6. To make attempts to increase Income by cheating, deceiving or tricking.

  7. To increase the amount of shared bandwidth dishonestly or to connect more devices to Peer2Profit’s network than stated on our website.

  8. To upload, install, send via e-mail and messengers any malware with viruses, computer code, files or programs in order to interfere or limit the operation of any applications, hardware or telecommunications equipment.

  9. To provide false or irrelevant personal information. To act on behalf of other persons who violate the terms of this Agreement.


By following the terms of the Agreement the User agrees that the Product, Website and Dashboard, as well as any add-ons, updates and versions to these elements, materials, systems, processes and software components of all forms, produced by Peer2Profit and intended for use in accordance with the terms of this Agreement, are the intellectual property of Peer2Profit or our licensors. They are protected by local and international copyright laws and agreements which govern the ownership and circulation of intellectual products. They may not be used, reproduced, copied or modified without Peer2Profit's consent. All proprietary, related and other rights regarding our intellectual property, including registered or pending patents, trade secrets, copyrights, technologies, designs, trademarks, etc., belong to the Platform or it’s licensing authorities.

This Agreement does not imply that the User has any right to or interest in our Intellectual property, but only a revocable (limited) right to use it in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. The Agreement does not imply our waiver from Intellectual property rights. Upon receiving feedback from the User (hereinafter “Rating”), Peer2Profit have the exclusive, irrevocable and unconditional right to apply the Rating to all existing, as well as upcoming products, services and technologies, and the right to use the Rating for any purpose, without further compensation to the User and without their approval.


The User confirms that the Product is for personal use only. Using the Application for commercial purposes without the copyright holder’s consent is unacceptable. The User is granted a limited, revocable license, without the right to sublicense, access and use the Application. It also regulates the User's right to install the Application to their devices in order to monetize shared bandwidth. This license does not entitle the User to upload or publish the Application or part of it on any websites or networks, or to post it in third-party databases.

Peer2Profit reserves the right to the Product and other elements. In accordance with this Agreement, we are not granting this right to the User. Using the Application in ways or for purposes not provided for by this Agreement without our written consent is illegal and will terminate the license. The Company reserves the right to revoke the license at any time without prior notice, at its sole discretion.


The Parties of this Agreement are not liable to each other or to a third party for direct, indirect or incidental loss or damage arising from certain circumstances or grounds for liability, including negligence or low efficiency of certain legal remedy. The total liability is determined by the terms of this Agreement and will not exceed the limit, provided for by the current legislation.


In case of claims and disputes, the User and Peer2Profit act in their individual capacity in accordance with the current legislation. The Parties of this Agreement cannot initiate claims as a plaintiff or class member in any purported class or representative action. Without the mutual consent of the User and Peer2Profit, arbitrators or judges may not consolidate more than one person’s claim or otherwise preside over any form of a representative or class proceeding.


This Agreement, as well as its versions and forms, operate within the legislation of the country and/or region of residence of the Parties. In case of disputes related to or arising from the compliance with the terms of the Agreement, the Parties follow the legislation and judicial authorities of the country of residence.


The Agreement implies full understanding and consent of the Parties with regard to the subject of the Agreement. The terms of the Agreement prevail over the terms of other agreements and arrangements previously concluded between the Parties.


“Privacy Information” implies all important information will not be disclosed to third parties. This information may include business written or verbal information, directly or indirectly provided to the User and certified or not certified by seals or stamps. Peer2Profit may pass information to the User on the terms of this Agreement and Privacy policy. The User undertakes to keep Privacy information secret and may not copy, distribute, store and copy it for the purpose of disclosing or transfer to third parties.


Updated: [2021.11.12]

This Agreement enters into force on the date the User confirms their acceptance with the terms of the Agreement. It remains valid until termination. The Agreement can be terminated by each Party. It becomes invalid immediately after removing the Application from the User's device and deleting the User's account.


If, due to circumstances, any condition or provision of this Agreement cannot be fulfilled by Peer2Profit, the situation is not considered a waiver of such condition or provision.  In case of non-compliance of the term or provision with the requirements of the legislation, is void, or unenforceable for any reason, it is deemed severable from this Agreement. 

The exclusion of an invalidated term or condition has no effect on the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions. The User cannot transfer or delegate their rights to other persons. Any of these may entail termination of the Agreement without liability to use. However, in case of selling the Company and its assets, Peer2Profit may assign the rights and obligations stipulated by the terms of this Agreement to any partner of the Company as part of a sale, upon prior notice.

These conditions are to ensure the most transparent relations between the Company and Clients. The Platform informs the Users in advance about the upcoming changes, since their compliance with them is a prerequisite for further partnership.

Recent changes to the Terms of Use include:

• Income rules’ changes and additions to them;

• Other insignificant changes in the Parties’ relations, not affecting their obligations.